12 маслихат барои оилаҳо дар дастгирии омузиши кудакон дар вакти КОВИД-19



Early Childhood Development




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Video Description

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all aspects of our lives. For parents and caregivers, it has been difficult to transition into a world where our usual employment and modes of work are no longer available. We now need to work, look after the health and wellbeing of our family, and help our children continue to learn and develop outside of school.

Meeting the demands and expectations of supporting our children to ‘learn at home’ has been overwhelming for many families. Whether it is receiving new instructions from teachers or navigating hundreds of online resources, it has become stressful and tiring for many caregivers to adopt and adapt available materials for what could really work for children within their own homes.

This is why the Aga Khan Foundation has developed these 12 tips — simple and practical recommendations for families to support children to continue to learn and develop. Take a look!

You can also download the associated document, 12 Tips to Support Families to Help Children Learn and Grow at Home, a quick guide for parents and caretakers with suggested ideas and reflections to consider during COVID-19.

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